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   The residents of San Luis Grande have recently completed the construction of six new cabins.  Each can accommodate two trekkers.  This rustic trekker’s haven is not a five star resort.  Rather, it is a base for those wanting to enjoy the wilderness at first hand.  Located about 120 miles south of the town of Rurrenabaque, San Luis Grande is just beyond the edge of a truly pristine part of the Amazon Rainforest.  It is located on the banks of the Quiquibey River and is accessible only by boat.  The trip takes about fourteen hours so it is normal to camp on the riverbank overnight or sleep in a friendly community on the way upstream. 
    The ADVENTURE RESORT itself is ready for visitors.  Currently, the comunarios are planning hiking trails into the very heart of the Pilon Lajas Indigenous Reserve to provide an opportunity for experienced back packers to explore this pristine part of the world.  The Reserve is contiguous to the world famous Madidi National Park and is home for hundreds of plant and animal species.  Monkeys, jaguars, anacondas, condors, parrots and the endangered Spectacled Bears live here.  In time, they will offer multi-day treks throughout the jungle. This will provide opportunities to view and study the animals, birds and plants in their native habitat.  How wonderful to sit beside your tent as dusk approaches, listening the calling of the thousands of parakeets as they swoop and glide searching for insects and then after full dark to hunker down in seclusion and perhaps view a jaguar or tapir or perhaps even a spectacled bear stalking about.
     There is an existing trail to the lovely Lago Azul located midway between the river and the highway.  It takes about 5 hours hike to the lake from the river Quiquibey.  The fishing is excellent there.  It could be possible to spend a day or two at the lake; hike out to the highway and take a bus back to Rurrenabaque.  Another trail being considered is to hike westward from San Luis Grande over the top of the ridge to a beach on the Beni River.  From there, the trip to Rurrenabaque will be by boat.  This trek is a true adventure requiring several weeks.  This region is virtually unknown to outsiders.  

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