Adventure Tours

In the past our non-profit oganization helped the people to develop safe water sources, improve sanitation methods and to acquire boats and motors for transportation. 

The photos above show how they live today and how they hope to live in years to come.  Their vision is to share their lifestyle with guests and preserve their culture, their homes and the forest they dearly love.

They will offer small group tours for trekkers seeking adventure travel and adventure tours to a part of the world rarely seen by non-native tourists. 

During this past year, while the  comunarios built cabins and  other facilities for tourists, we provided computers, cameras and basic instruction in their use. We funded a four  month course on computer basics, arranged for a six month course in English to begin in February and paid for permits & fees.


To help the indigenous tribes to develop a  rustic resort to provide adventure tours for trekkers searching for adventure travel  and so to preserve their native culture.

The image above was taken in a different region in the Bolivian Rainforest.  Several decades ago, it was pristine forest also.  This  is what the tribes living in the Pilon Lajas Indigenous Reserve hope to prevent.  They believe an Adventure Resort is the best way to preserve the forest yet survive in the modern world. 

To  develop a  rustic Adventure Travel Resort  in the style of their age old traditions and to help trekkers to see and appreciate the animals and plants of the rainforest. 


Now we need toprovide startup funds to set up an office to welcome small tour groups going upriver to the adventure resort named:

Aventuras en San Luis Grande located in a part of the rainforest rarely visited by non-native trekkers.  They need our help in completing their web site.  Please donate to help us to help them  to help themselves. 

Please click the button below to donate $5.00. 


The map above is of San Luis Grande as it was in 2008. The brown rectangle is the futbol field.  It is now green with grass.  It is surrounded by thousands of square miles of pristine forest. 

This pristine wilderness that they call home,  is what they hope to preserve.